I do not make New Years Resolutions per se. However, I do set one goal that I will strive towards all year long. Last year, I decided I was going to learn to bake bread - and what a crazy year of baked bread it was. See, all my bread started out dense, and... Continue Reading →

My Secret…

In hind sight, I can maybe, kind of, sort of see why The Company didn't want to publish this. Yet, at the same time... I feel like I cannot be the only one that feels this way. Statistically, it would be an impossibility for me to be the lone person in this category. Now that... Continue Reading →

Inconvenient Me

I am not sure I have met one person that doesn't doubt their own self worth. Even those very confident people must worry about how they are viewed. Surely they must... Yet again, this was passed over. I wish they would tell me why they don't want to publish these things, especially when I see... Continue Reading →

When He Leaves

There is no other experience quite like a deployment. There is so much paperwork, stress, and tears to be had before it all happens...

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