Social Media Is The New Pandora’s Box

Regular Contributor Mariela Ticas is back with this thought provoking piece about social media and the role it plays in our lives.

Social Media is the New Pandora’s Box

We now live where “good” thoughts are required to be akin with the rest — where the thought police are the very users and everyone is for the taking. It truly is a “dog-eat-dog” out in the social media sphere. Here “Likes” can be outnumbered and yet careers can be ruined! We are flooded with images and those are quickly absorbed within our minds and stored in our subconscious as we lay awake at night.

All of us now live with little devils pressuring us to not “touch that dial”, because there is “more after this post” and that post and that post and that post. Our reality is altered. Addiction is in place and the heart is disconnected.

The Feeds

Has anyone really stopped to wonder what is a feed? What if the machine you are feeding is the same thing as the same machine that is eating you and spitting you out? What lives on your feed is the content you’re feeding on… Feeding your mind with mindlessness. Where do we go from here? For every new assignment there are mentors in place — these people become your idols, your celebrities. But why are only white celebrities allowed not to have a social media account? Look it up.

The little guy must have a mentor to “be somebody”, to be noticed. Why? Everyone walks with their heads down. Everyone puts on cool shades as a barrier between the window of their soul and the world. Everyone wants to hide and be seen at the same time, but only on their terms, only on their terms. It is no place for the artist! Especially the artist who is unashamed to wail, snot running down their face, before an audience. The artist observes and creates something far better than the monotonous and perpetual duck lips!

I won’t go into derriere pics because those things speak for themselves. It might look good, but does it smell pleasant? (It’s a joke)

image via Unsplash | Jakob Owens

Follow For Follow

Promoting your work is one thing and becoming a follower is another thing all together. An artist is no slave to conformity, to the rules of society. Creating is believing, but taking selfies is just repeating. As always the creative must create! Yet, who is worthy of your private life, your most intimate moments? Giant tech companies will sell you for a big buck and give your nothing in return. Your followers and your friends are those you have never even met! It’s as if we are creating our own platform based on narcissism, because we are known for how we look, what we eat and where we go, but it’s no longer about talent.

You are the product and the advertisement all at the same time. Only on social media you get nothing in return for it. Unless your worthy of receiving and that’s if you have X amount of followers. Here we enter the world of “influencers”. But what are they influencing us to do? Entertainment studios commodify the private lives of artists over talent. Now they want to look at how many followers you have to see if you are worthy of the role, to see if you can bring in the audience. Completely taking any responsibility away from them and on the awful writing or garbage project they green lit in the first place. This poses a threat to the sanity of the artist.

image via Pexels | Rahul

Filter Your World

Privacy is being contaminated and invaded by the need of being validated and vindicated by the same ones who don’t think twice to condemn you. Perhaps it’s the curse of parvenu. We turn away from God and turn to the world at our fingertips. Worshipping the image before us – ourselves. Transfixed by the kick of glorifying ourselves. Creating mini documentaries of our lives with very little to no substance. Of course people are going to judge. Not too long ago we only shared our private moments with those we trusted. Now the whole world knows you had chicken wings at Roscoe’s and dropped the kids at your ex’s to party.

The government knows too. Perhaps you’re unaware that you’re not in control, but are under the illusion of personal choice because you decided to go with Mayfair instead of the Valencia filter. You only think you call the shots because you took the shot, but the world that you upload into manipulates your mind and tracks your every move.

Submissively you enter.

This is now called home, a victim of your own demise.


Mariela Ticas lives in Los Angeles, CA. and is a regular contributor to ATRP. She is a podcast personality/co-host/blogger for “The Strange Kamelion Show” on iTunes and is an active member of Sag-Aftra as a performer. She has always been a writer at heart and got her start writing poetry as a teen. Mariela got her start in the entertainment industry back in 2012 and is now currently working on her first children’s book! On her downtime, she’s a volunteer member of the Motion Picture & Television Fund. You can follow Mariela on Instagram! Be sure to read her podcast blog, and scope her IMDb for upcoming features.

Featured image is via Shutterstock | Irina Alexandrovna

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this piece belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual. It may not be reproduced without permissions from ATRP or M. Ticas.

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