We are honored at ATRP to have Mariela Ticas as a regular contributor. For her birthday she wanted to share a heartfelt and beautiful poem. We hope that you help us wish her a very Happy Birthday and all the best for her next year!

For every tear I’ve cried,
There are a thousand more kisses and hugs from my mother’s heart
For every fit of rage,
There are thousands of tender moments that never age
For every star shining bright,
There are only two pair of eyes I look into
And see the world at night
For every spoken spiteful word,
There are countless more melodies that are heard
For every time I failed,
I saw greater strength unveiled
For every illness,
There is a cure that’s timeless

For every time
For all time
I was born to be
– Mariela Ticas


Mariela Ticas lives in Los Angeles, CA. and is a regular contributor to ATRP. She is a podcast personality/co-host/blogger for “The Strange Kamelion Show” on iTunes and is an active member of Sag-Aftra as a performer. She has always been a writer at heart and got her start writing poetry as a teen. Mariela got her start in the entertainment industry back in 2012 and is now currently working on her first children’s book! On her downtime, she’s a volunteer member of the Motion Picture & Television Fund. You can follow Mariela on Instagram, or Twitter! Be sure to read her podcast blog, and scope her IMDb for upcoming features.



The image above is from Pixabay and available on Pexels.

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