The Red Mermaid

We are living in an era where a career can soar or end with one Tweet. We watch as our heroes are ousted as philanderers, racists, or abusers. Victims are painted as being at fault, and the perpetrators get away. Where is the justice? 

Times Up

Sexual harassment, the Times Up and #MeToo movements are not strictly feminist issues. These movements are about the wronging of a woman who is less than the oppressor in size, power, and strength. These movements are saying “Enough is Enough!”. They bring up questions like: Why are women constantly getting all the blame, while the top dogs are allowed to roam free to do it again and again? Why is the burden placed on women to have “the talk” with our daughters about being safe? Why do our boys and men get away with the old adage “Boys will be Boys”?

Why? Well, let me tell you a story.

The Mermaid and The Pirate

Once upon a time a man named Trump was running a country. The people were angry and suffered from too much information. There was a lot of shock, a lot of talk, but very little action. Despite this drama on land, there was a young, fiery redheaded mermaid named Zoey. She was the most vibrant mermaid of the seas and the kindest. However, one day while out looking for fish she came across the nasty and evil Pirate Jiz.

Pirate Jiz had battled through many addiction issues that had left him angry. Zoey fell into his net trap that day and he cruelly dragged her through each of the 7 seas. They only stopped when they finally found the central portal to the television realm. Once through the portal, Pirate Jiz became known as a famous personality and he created his own podcast and built an empire. Soon he also became the host of a famous show called “Stalking Ted”. Pirate Jiz revealed himself in raunchy jokes that gave people a small glimpse of his devious side. Yet, all his viewers were too doped up on junk food and pills, and they couldn’t see him for what he was.

Early on their relationship, Zoey met with her good old friends at a party to have a gay ol time. However, Pirate Jiz didn’t like the sound of the party and he certainly didn’t want HIS woman to be happy while he was at a desperate and low point. He stood in the corner of the room like a fly on the wall. Pirate Jiz was scary in an all black outfit with a hoodie pulled over his face and dark shades on. He later forbid her from seeing her friends from that day forward. That was the last time they ever saw of their good friend Zoey.

The Truth Will Out

Years later, Zoey came forward to share her story of life with Pirate Jiz. Yet, she was met with criticism, because the company, JNT, conducting the investigation found nothing wrong with their “superstar”. She had all the evidence she needed if she went to a court of law, but the court of public opinion didn’t like her story. She was asked, “Why don’t you just sue him if what you say is true?” But honestly, who has the power to go up against a mogul with attorneys up the yin-yang and backed by a corporation? Aha. Didn’t think so!

The people on land criticized Zoey for admitting Pirate Jiz was by her bedside as she underwent a necessary surgery. A surgery she wouldn’t have needed if it weren’t for his abusive ways! People wanted to focus on all the cuddly things he had done and avoid the unpleasant parts. They avoided the time Pirate Jiz admitted on his podcast that during the time he lived with Zoey, he was becoming sober and swapped vices to compensate. He left behind the substances and changed to other addictions like, controlling, manipulation and sick obsessions. Everyone ignored these points and called Zoey the villain.

After a work hiatus, Pirate Jiz got to come back to his workplace. He stood in front of his audience and gave a beautiful heartfelt speech with crocodile tears to match. All his blind followers continued to follow the leader like sheep led to slaughter. Zoey was called a “crazy bitch” and a “psycho ex-girlfriend” — she dissipated like a ghost in the television realm and Pirate Jiz continued to succeed.

A Gaslighting Show

People with mental illness are more likely to become victims of abuse. And now The Red Mermaid is just another story about a gaslighting show. It just further proves that very little has actually changed.

People fail to acknowledge that corporations create departments like HR to offset any possible liability. They aren’t Pro Victims, but pro keeping their name clean and untarnished. Any large corporation’s M.O. is always to go back to “normal” and pretend like nothing happened. Let’s not forget that hashtags were meant to be trends that circulate the internet. Would it shock you if the hashtag #MeToo was also nothing but a trend and not real change?

It’s okay though. There is a higher power and He is the ultimate judgement from which no one can escape. He that watches everything and knows all things. He is more powerful than the sun. The angry trolls that speak with no sense of truth or knowledge, and are only hell-bent on getting their pound of flesh do not have the last word. Only God, who we will all face in the end, has the last word.


Mariela Ticas lives in Los Angeles, CA. and is a regular contributor to ATRP. She is a podcast personality/co-host/blogger for “The Strange Kamelion Show” on iTunes and is an active member of Sag-Aftra as a performer. She has always been a writer at heart and got her start writing poetry as a teen. Mariela got her start in the entertainment industry back in 2012 and is now currently working on her first children’s book! On her downtime, she’s a volunteer member of the Motion Picture & Television Fund. You can follow Mariela on Instagram, or Twitter! Be sure to read her podcast blog, and scope her IMDb for upcoming features.

The beautiful image used for this piece is from FAME. They are styled as “Fun, fresh and full of cool trends, FAME is a one-stop shopping destination where the retailers discover ready-to-wear young contemporary and trend-driven fashion for women.” 

The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of ATRP.

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