Throwback Thursday…

About a year ago, I was gifted the most amazing opportunity – I became a freelance contributor for POPSUGAR. And while I was paid nothing, my heart sang with thoughts of “what if..”

~What if I could be a writer?

~What if this crazy idea worked?

~What if this changes everything?

They probably don’t know or realize, but POPSUGAR gave me the courage to finally share my voice. They gave me a space to discover what it was like to be a semi-professional writer. They gave me time to learn and time to grow. I will be forever loyal to PS for what they have done for me.

This is still one of my favorite pieces, and it’s still all true today. My kids are animals, the dogs are insane, and my husband just sits back and laughs at us all. Mac and cheese rules as lunch or dinner (maybe we eat it for both meals), and I have heard the boys say Fuck. There is far too much TV and screen time, I still shout far too loud, and we are still listening to garbage Top 40 music.

Enjoy: My Parenting Style Is Not For Everyone, and I’m Not Embarrassed to Admit It

All my love, C

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