Another Year

It is this author’s opinion that birthday’s can be some of the worse days of my whole year. It is also this author’s opinion that the people that love her are verily the best people in the world.


Another childhood slipping by
No you to see it
Another day left behind
Because you chose indifference.

Do you miss me
Do you think of me
Today and everyday
But mostly today
My birthday.

This day rolls around and I hate you
This day rolls around and I miss you
Will you call me
Will you ignore me
No definitive answer
Just pain.

My husband knows I call it my Sads
All my Sads are because of you
I’m stuck at age ten
Wishing to be let in
Wishing you’d care for me
The way you care for that bottle.

I hate you
But I don’t really
I just want to feel important
As a child
As a mother
As a person

You helped make me
You helped destroy me
But I am going to walk away today
On my birthday.



Stock image from Unsplash / Noah Silliman

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