LinkedIn Retools Program to Include Military Spouses

Being apart of the military community means your family becomes professionals at living in a state of constant change. Without fail, an active duty member and their family will just start to feel settled in when the realization that the next move is suddenly around the corner. While the stability of the active duty service member’s job is never in question, spouses can often find themselves scrambling to find meaningful work. Add into this mix children, deployments, dogs, and Murphy’s Law (things will break the moment their active duty member is gone), military spouses feel the stress!

Which is why LinkedIn’s announcement is so important for military spouses! In their official release, Daniel Savage writes:

“[…] LinkedIn is expanding our military and veterans program to include military spouses through a new partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program. Beginning this July, we’ll provide one year of LinkedIn Premium to every military spouse during each of their moves to new installations to help their career transitions […]”


LinkedIn Premium is an amazing way for spouses to get an edge on jobs at their new duty stations. Premium offers many perks including: showing how you compare to other applicants, offering training to learn new skills, and help in building a professional network. Savage goes on to say, “[…] Military spouses have soft skills that make them valuable to potential employers: they are resilient, resourceful, adaptable, and enterprising – not to mention adept at navigating uncertainty.” With LinkedIn’s help, military spouses will finally be able to put words to their unique skill sets.

LinkedIn has dedicated itself to helping veterans and active duty members in their careers for the past seven years. The inclusion of helping military spouses primes LinkedIn to join the ranks of great companies like Hire Heroes, Microsoft Military Affairs, and the US Department of Veteran Affairs.

LinkedIn will soon discover they already have many hardworking, and humble military spouses signed up for their services. Including them into their existing program will pay off immensely for them and it is a very savvy move. If there is one thing I have learned about being a military spouse it’s that you never underestimate a lady that can have a house ready to be packed into crates with a moments notice. Armed with little more than humor and the clothes on our back, military spouses can make everything work. Now, with the help of LinkedIn, we can finally show just how truly amazing we are to our future employers.


Stock image from Pexels.
Read LinkedIn’s official blog here.

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