Why Can’t I Be Paid to Write for You?

Hey. I get it, okay? We all want something for our time and effort. We all want to see those dollars signs hit our bank account and have bragging rights.

The simple fact of the matter is I don’t even get paid to host this website. You read that right. I am not getting paid for this either.

I created this website for fun. I didn’t think I would get paid to run the page. If I ever do get paid to run this website, you better believe my original contributors will get some money! Now, is there a remote possibility I will get paid to run this website? No – probably not. To have a successful blog that generates revenue, you have to be at it constantly and network relentlessly.

Please consider this website as an adult literary magazine. Imagine me as that annoying kid in high school that was always going around asking everyone if they want to submit something to the school lit. paper. Imagine I am a struggling writer, too, and that this page just brings me joy.

Honestly, when you need a bit of joy in your life just remember us. We can be a soft spot to land for a moment after a rejection.

All of us at All The Real Parts will be waiting for you. -C.


Stock Image from Unsplash

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