Glitz and Glamour with The Army

I am not one of those Army Wives that does everything with a smile. In fact, I am usually a grumpy jerk in need of a glass of wine (or two). However, give me something fancy to do and I am a completely different gal!

This chapter of Army life is brought to Team Bell by The University of New Mexico’s Army ROTC. You can also follow their Facebook page, and see all the fun those crazy kids get up to!

Every year, the week before they go off to be grown up officers in the US Army, little cadets have a grand ball. It’s a delightful right of passage, and this year I played photographer for an article for The Company. Not sure when they will ever get around to publishing that piece, and I took SO many more pictures than I needed. I couldn’t help it – everyone looked so fabulous.

Please feel free to save these photos from my website! If any of you want me to link out to your social media under your pictures, you must email me through the website.















Did you make it to the end? Wanna peep that dress again? Me, too…


Until next year! Go, Lobos.

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