Unpopular Parenting Opinions

I really thought this one was a good one for The Company, but it was passed over. I actually have been sitting on these gems for over a month! As with anything parenting related, I rely heavily upon my private Facebook page to farm ideas. With great pride, and lots of belly laughs, I present Ten Unpopular Parenting Opinions.

My kids eat Gogurt, Goldfish or other “unhealthy” food that I grew up eating – they’ll survive.

will and grace

We don’t make her hug, kiss, physically touch anyone/relatives/friends and ourselves included if she doesn’t want to. I do tell her to use her words and say, “not right now” or ” I don’t want to”. We tell her, she’s the boss of her body.

dance moms

I think it’s wrong to spank/hit/cause physical pain to your child, especially considering that they are smaller and are expected to take the hits from an adult and not fight back.


If your child is obese, it should be considered child abuse.

face off

Unless your child is immune compromised, your children should be vaccinated.

Bill Nye

“Your kid should X,Y,Z… If he were mine…” I don’t care what you would do if he was your kid.

snap snap snap

Parenting is a long series of gut check subjective decisions only you can make – It is not rude to overtly ignore all the “intrusions” and truck along keeping the little one alive just the same.

Breaking Baed

If I choose to spank my child, that is my business!

Queen Latifa

All kids are assholes.

The Office.gif

If your kiddo knows how to love others and shows that love, then you’re rocking your version of parenthood. I’m a firm believer that there are countless correct ways to parent.


All GIFs come from GIPHY.com – I was not paid to say that, it just is a fact. All the opinions expressed here are opinions, and ATRP supports all who have an opinion. We hope you enjoyed this fun post, and if you want to see more posts please spread the word about ATRP! -C

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