Why It’s Okay To Call Your Dog Your Baby

Not to insult a colleague, granted one I have never nor will ever meet, but I read this post about Comparing Pets to Children, and it made me a bit angry. While I cannot boast an impressive website, with many followers, I am a mother – to human children and dog children. Yet, this isn’t about why I feel she is wrong in her assessment… which, let’s be honest, anyone could tell from the Facebook comments many thought she was wrong. It happens to us all – we think we are going to be funny, charming, and witty, but instead we end up falling in our high heels while holding a glass of wine, and ruin our “fancy” leggings. We are embarrassing and embarrassed. I am in a constant state of embarrassed…

I will say I don’t disagree that leaving children alone with things like bleach, and Roman Blind stings is not a great choice, but to say you will face no repercussions for leaving your dog alone is not quite true. In many states, it is a felony to harm your dog, much like it is a felony to harm your child. Sure, you can leave your dog home while you run to get groceries, but you can also leave your teenager home alone as well. Of course you wouldn’t leave your newborn home alone, and you also wouldn’t leave your new puppy alone to roam around the house. That puppy will pee and poop all over, eat the electrical cords, and probably die. Sounds kind of like a baby to me.

I am the proud owner of a basset hound mix, and a dumb as rocks golden retriever. Neither one are of my bloodline, but I love them as fiercely as I do my children. I remember sitting up at night with our basset hound because he had to have his dew claws removed, and the anesthesia made him sick. I slept on the couch with my golden after she broke her paw and her hind leg after a windstorm in Missouri. They have moved across the country with us, and we will never leave them behind. My basset hound likes to snuggle on the couch with “his” boys, and eat apples with my daughter. My golden retriever likes to “go get Sissy”, and never leaves the boys’ sides while they play outside. They are a part of our family. They are our babies.

Yes, a dog can’t tell you it loves you, and it can’t express how lonely it was while you were gone, but you can tell. Anyone that owns a dog can tell. You can tell by tail thumps as you enter the door, the crazy circles at your feet, and you can even tell from how your dog looks at you. They don’t call them puppy dog eyes for nothing. What I fail to  understand is why this is a thing. Why would someone decide this is the thing they want to be offended about? I understand how long it takes to grow a person, I have grown three people myself. Through blood, sweat, tears, a PrePROM, a Preemie, and preeclampsia, I KNOW how hard it is to create life. It’s not called labor for nothing. What I don’t get is why people dump all over people that happen to consider our pets our babies.

So, from this mother of actual children to all of you that consider your dogs your babies I say, “It’s cool.”

Carry On.


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