I do not make New Years Resolutions per se. However, I do set one goal that I will strive towards all year long. Last year, I decided I was going to learn to bake bread – and what a crazy year of baked bread it was. See, all my bread started out dense, and they all resembled paper weights. While not great for eating as sandwich bread, it all made excellent breadcrumbs. So, I learned from the mistake and made a change the next time. Each time I tried to make bread, it got a little bit fluffier, a little bit more delicious, and a little bit easier to do.

This blog started out as my way of putting my thoughts out there. At the inception of the blog, it was just geared towards other mom’s, with no other audience in mind. I felt like men already had all the advantages in the world, why should I give them yet another platform? However, that is quite cruel. The one place men are perpetual outsiders is in parenthood.

With this in mind, I have decided to rebrand the blog, and the Facebook page. Much like the name says, we want all the real parts. We don’t want to just be another mommy page vying for everyone’s attention. We want to be a page that commands respect from all, because we include all.

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